Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Zombie Attack

I went to bring my six apple heads into the house as night approached. During the daytime I put them outside to dry with cheesecloth over them. I had them up on a stack of pallets about 4' high. When I got close enough I could see a head was missing. I thought maybe my boyfriend was playing a joke on me. But I scoured the ground and about 10 feet away I found the missing head with is brains all chewed out.  I suspect zombies. Or chipmunks. But I'm going with zombies.

The Survivors

Obviously they wanted brains.

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C.S. Alexis said...

HaHa I use to hang mine from the rafters in the garage...the zombies could not reach them. Try pushing a length of coat hanger through the core and making a hook on the end. It works great.